As soon as we made the choice of building The Liberty 42 we got hold of the original working drawings from our Sales Consultant and started visualising what it looks like.  Remember, there was not a local display home, so we have to rely on our imagination and also visiting and re-visiting displays, specifically - the Nolan and the Whittaker.  Buying a laser distance meter (Prexiso) from eBay came in very handy, too, as we start measuring the rooms, the ceiling height, door and window height and width, kitchen island bench, etc.

We practically made and communicated to M3tr!c0n 85% of the floor plan variations even before we paid our $1000 deposit. That's how accommodating and patient our Sales Consultant was.

Here's a copy of our construction drawings:

Update 2/5/2012:  In anticipation of a potential email from M3tr1c0n with regards to us posting our Construction Drawings in our blog being in breach of their copyright rulings, we're replacing them with generic drawings with less details.  One of the other bloggers have been notified, so we thought, we'll do the same and remove/obscure the construction drawings, too.

(some details removed to protect the innocent)
  • Garage - add Workshop option 
  • Study - replace with Guest Bedroom with Ensuite option 
  • Stairs - provide under-stairs storage (with door) 
  • Sitting - French doors in lieu of standard windows 
  • Laundry: 
    • Move washing machine position to wall 
    • Provide capped floor waste 
    • Provide broom cabinet 
    • Provide extended overhead and underbench cabinets 
  • Butler's Pantry - provide cabinets in lieu of shelves 
  • Kitchen: 
    • Long Island bench in lieu of standard L-shaped kitchen bench 
    • Horizontal fixed picture window in lieu of wall with splashback 
    • 900mm cooktop and 900mm underbench oven option in lieu of the standard single freestanding oven 
    • Provide appliance tower with Microwave only (moved from under the kitchen bench) 
    • Provide capped cold water point in the Refrigerator cavity (** make sure you have enough space to put your brand new 3-door, French door style, S/S ref) 
  • Replace all windows with either tall fixed picture windows or tall awning windows in lieu of standard sliding windows 
  • Increased ceiling height (2.7m); increased door height; 
  • Tri-Slide timber doors going out to an extended Outdoor Room
(Some details removed to protect the innocent)
  • Bed 1 Ensuite - provide a single sliding door in lieu of opening (** initially we asked for the widest possible double sliding door; during our electrical appointment, it was noted that there was no wall that they can safely put the light switches for the ensuite. With cavity sliding doors, electricians can't put switches on the wall with a cavity sliding door in it. Only option then was to put the switches outside the Ensuite, on the wall where the bed will be. Not An Option. Variation was put in after the Electrical appointment to provide for a wall and a single cavity sliding door, instead). 
  • Bed 1 Ensuite Shower - provide for a horizontal shower recess or niche 
  • Leisure - provide for awning windows in lieu of standard sliding windows 
  • Bedrooms - replace single awning windows with two awning windows per bedroom 
  • Increase ceiling height to 2.55m in lieu of standard. Internal door heights remain standard in the first floor.
(Some details removed to protect the innocent)
  • All front windows are standard. 
  • All side elevation windows are non-standard. Provide (and increase the number of) awning windows in lieu of standard (sliding windows are standard) 
  • Top floor roof pitch set to 25 degrees 
  • Outdoor room roof pitch is set back to 22.5 degrees (when we increased the roof pitch to 25 degrees, initially, we lost one of the horizontal windows in one of the bedrooms, rear elevation). Also note the extension of the Outdoor room towards the rear of the property. 
  • Retain standard brickwork on facade and balcony. Planned to have it rendered after handover. A rendered facade and balcony were one of the options we have to cut to be within our budget. 
  • Top floor roof eave width increased to 600mm and extended to cover the whole length of the top floor roof. 
  • Provide 450mm eaves to ground floor roofing (except garage) in lieu of none. 
  • Provide brickwork above all doors and windows. 
(Some details removed to protect the innocent)
  • All windows (ground and first floor) are non-standard. 
  • Garage (rear) - provide a single Colorbond roll-up door in lieu of external hinged door 
  • Provide timber decking on extended Outdoor room 
  • Obscured glazing to all bedroom windows (first floor) overlooking neighbours' properties (both sides) to comply with Rescode. 

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